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Sevimli Leather
Sevimli Leather

Venezia: Waterproof Silk-Touched Calfskin: Exceptional Performance and Refined Elegance

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Product Details

  • Leather : Calves
  • Tanning:  Chrome
  • Finishing:  Others
  • Thickness: 0,5mm
  • Market destination: Leathergoods, Bags

Our Venezia waterproof silk-touched calfskin epitomizes exceptional performance and refined elegance.

This leather excels in both its waterproof functionality and luxurious silky texture, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of needs.

Waterproof Technology: With its waterproof technology, this leather offers unmatched protection even in challenging weather conditions.

Silky-Touched Surface: The attention-grabbing silky texture of our leather adds a touch of sophistication to your designs.

Superior Quality: Crafted from exquisite calf leather, our products are long-lasting and resilient.

Versatile Applications: A versatile leather suitable for various product designs, including shoes, bags, and wallets.

Aesthetic and Functionality: Beyond its waterproof feature, the dazzling silky texture of this leather promises an enjoyable experience.

Experience the fusion of functionality and elegance with Venezia Waterproof Silk-Touched Calfskin. Elevate your products with the pinnacle of luxury and durability. Enrich your collection with this refined leather.


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