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Sevimli Leather
Sevimli Leather

Infused with a Colorful Cloud Pattern, Create Your Own Magical World with Marvelous Patent Baby Calf Leather Marvel and Add Enchantment to Your Style!

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Product Details

Patent Baby Calf leather with cloud design.

  • Leather  Type: Calf Leather
  • Tanning:  Chrome
  • Finishing:  Patent
  • Thickness 0,7-0,8mm 0,9-1,1mm
  • Market destination: Leathergoods, Footwear, Bags
  • For more information about color options and to view our catalogs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Above the Clouds: A Journey to a Shiny Enchanted World

Crafted with inspiration from Marvel's magical universe, Marvelous, captivates your designs with a touch of enchantment. Its captivating radiance and unique cloud pattern create a visual spectacle.

Blending the quality and elegance of Calf Leather into both bag and shoe designs, create an unforgettable style fusion.

Infuse every product with an impressive aura using this leather, transforming each design into a fantastical experience. Marvelous'es glossy, cloud-patterned Calf Leather, crafted with inspiration from the enchanted world, will captivate your design, making it unique and magical.

Imbued with a Colorful Cloud Pattern, create your own enchanted world using Patent Calf Leather, and add enchantment to your style!



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