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Galaxy Crinkle

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Sevimli Leather
Sevimli Leather

Inspired by Galaxies: Crinkled Iridescent Shine of Patent Calf Leather

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Product Details

  • Leather: Calves
  • Tanning: Chrome
  • Finishing: Patent
  • Thickness 0,7-0,9mm
  • Market destination: Footwear, Leathergoods, Bags

Our iridescent patent calf leather, Galaxy Crinkle, stands out with its brilliance inspired by the enchantment of space and its delicately creased texture.

Infuse your designs with a journey through the cosmos, as this perfect choice spans a wide spectrum of products, from shoes to handbags, linings to wallets, and even home decor options.

Key Features:

  • Space Sparkle: The pearlescent patent effect adds a shimmer reminiscent of the depths of space to your designs. Simultaneously, the leather's texture presents an original and captivating aesthetic.

  • Versatile Color Options: Enhance your designs with your very own celestial journey by selecting from various color tones.

  • Multi-Purpose Utility: From shoes to bags, belts to wallets, this leather caters to a diverse range of applications. It adds a unique texture and brilliance to your creations.

Aesthetic and Durability Combined:

Crafted from premium hides, Galaxy Crinkle lends enduring character to your designs. It imparts the mystic sparkle and personality of the cosmos to your shoes, bags, and other creations.


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