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Brush Off Leather Products: Unique Style and Superior Quality Brush Off leathers are made with calfskin and have a unique structure that gives them an extraordinary homogeneous appearance. They come in glossy or matte options to perfectly meet your style and designs. Brush Off leather products are also highly durable, making them a perfect choice for anyone who puts their style and quality first.

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Product Details

  • Leather: Calves
  • Tanning: Chrome
  • Finishing: Brush Off
  • Thickness 0,9-1,1mm or 1,0-1,2mm
  • Market destination: Footwear, Bags, Leathergoods

Our Brush Off products, made with calfskin, stand out with their unique structure. An extraordinary homogeneous appearance is obtained thanks to a special paint applied to the surface of the Brush Off leather. With its glossy or matte options, Brush Off leather perfectly meets your style and needs.

Superior Quality and Aesthetic Harmony:

Brush Off leather products stand out not only for their high quality standards, but also for their aesthetic appeal. These specially processed leathers appeal to every style and taste with their eye-catching glossy or matte options. The homogeneous paint on the surface of the leather offers a personalized look in addition to long-lasting use.

Variety and Areas of Use:

Brush Off leather offers excellent results in different areas of use with its versatility. It is an ideal choice for the production of bags and belts, as well as shoes.


Brush Off leather products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable. The high quality processing and material usage ensure the long life of the products. In addition, it is quite easy to maintain.

In conclusion, Brush Off leather products are a perfect choice for everyone who puts their style and quality first. You can create products that are unique to your style with different color and design options.


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